Book your ideal 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari tour — Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, &  Tarangire National Park.

This One-of-a-Kind 4-Days Tanzania Joining group budget Camping Safari Tour Experience starts from Arusha and ends in Arusha with hotel/Airport drop-off.

It’s with no double that the 4-Day Tanzania Budget Camping Safari Tour takes you to the most popular Tanzania National Parks and game parks.

For instance; in this 4-Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, Serengeti is famous for its exceptional population of lions, leopards, cheetahs, and its annual migration of zebra and wildebeest, Lake Manyara bests for the big four, a bird’s sanctuary.

The 4-Days Tanzania Budget Camping Tour to Ngorongoro crater takes you to where you will get to activate the Magical experience of Tanzania Adventure like no other.

4-Days Tanzania Budget Camping safari Tour in Brief:

In this 4-Days Tanzania Safari Tours, whether you love camping or you’re just looking at keeping the price of your safari down, a 4-Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari might be the right choice for you.

Do you want to keep the price down on your 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari to help fit within your budget but also feel, the Tanzania budget camping option is a bit too rough to your taste & preference?

We highly recommend adjusting your budget just a little to go for our Tanzania budget lodge tour which is equally a perfect option for you.

We, as the experience Tanzania safari tour operator, whether you go for the 4-Days Tanzania Camping Safari Tour, 4-Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, or 4-Days Tanzania Budget mid-Range Safari tour, talk to us.

We ensure we provide you with a comfortable set-up with high-quality tents, a dining tent, a campfire, great food, and minimal hassle hence a dream come true 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari trip.

This 4-Days Tanzania Budget safari offers you the best way to soak up the safari ambiance and to feel part of nature.

There is no better way to end the day in the bush than sitting around a fire under the stars, recounting the highlights of the day.

4-Days Budget Tanzania Camping Safari Tour is also great for bonding with your family or other people on the tour, or with the support, crew facilitating your safaris, such as the driver and guide.

African Budget Safaris & Tours | Tanzania camping trips, packages, tours, holidays, and vacations

An African safari is often seen as being a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A quick glance at the eye-wateringly high prices charged by the top-end safari operators will make you realize why.

But, with a bit of careful planning, an African safari trip needn’t be so expensive. To enjoy the adventures and wildlife sightings of an African safari without the big price tag, forgo the frills and luxury.

Choose your operator carefully and do some research into what you’ll be getting for the price of your budget safari package.

  • cheap African safari packages, tours, trips, holidays, and vacations

Private African Safaris & Tours -| Budget 4-Days Tanzania Camping Safari Tour

A private African safari offers the ultimate freedom, combined with the security of having your own vehicle and guide.

Rolling through the African wilds, stopping to sight zebras and impalas, pausing to drink tea in a village cafe, choosing your itinerary as you go.

Go where you want, when you want, and with whom you want. This is the most enjoyable way to see the wonders of Africa.

A private safari tour can be as basic or as plush as you like. If you’re on a budget, hire a jeep and driver through a tour company and work out your holiday details yourself.

At the opposite end, a private safari tour can be a fully organized luxury package with everything scheduled down to the last minute.

  • private African safari packages, tours, trips, holidays, and vacations

African Group Safaris & Tours – 4-Days Budget Camping Safari Tanzania

Signing up for an African safari group tour is one of the most popular ways to go on safari. Having an expert plan the nitty-gritty of your safari package for you saves time and hassle.

It means all you have to do is read up on African wildlife and hop on a plane. A small group tour can be a great way to see Africa.

Special interest group trips, such as bird watching, conservation, or big cats, are recommended. A special interest trip will put you in a group with like-minded people, and the guide will be an expert.

Before jumping into a group safari though, there are a few things to consider.

  • African group tours, packages, trips, holidays, and vacations

4-Days Tanzania Budget Lodge Safariprivate or shared group tour Guidelines

A private tour is organized exclusively for a client and won’t be shared with others. However, wildlife viewing activities at private camps/lodges are run by the lodges/camps and could be shared.

On a shared 4-Days, Tanzania group Joining Budget Camping Safari Tour

clients will join a group of other travelers. Clients will get a private room or tent, but the vehicle and activities will be shared with others.

We don’t accept tours that require more than 2 people to make a booking (a travel party of 2 people should always be able to make a booking).

Shared (group) tours that require more than 2 participants before they’ll run are allowed, as long as a travel party of 2 people can join.

If a shared (group) tour uses different vehicle types, depending on group size, you should select the max number of passengers for the largest vehicle type.

  • 4-Days Tanzania Private Camping Safari tour: – (This 3 Nights/4-Days budget camping Adventure Safari tour is organized exclusively for you and won’t be shared with others)
  • On this private tour, the transfers (from Airport) and game drives (at specific camps/Lodges most so Night game drive if there shall be any} at private camps may be shared.

4-Days Tanzania Group Joining Budget Safari  – Shared group tour:

  • On a shared group tour, clients will join a group of other travelers.)
  • This shared group tour requires a minimum of 2 pax Min & 6 persons’ maximum per vehicle.

Tanzania Safari Tours in 4-Days:

East Africa –  Tanzania offers the best safaris available in the travel industry. This Tanzania Safari package guarantees you plenty to see and do.

Our well-planned 4-day safari is one of the best short Tanzania Safari packages. Even though people love to go on long safaris, if you are time conscious, don’t hesitate to jump on to this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari package.

Every day is different and you never know what nature has in store for you. You might, however, just want to add on a short safari to a beach holiday or business trip.

In this case, a 4-day Tanzanian safari might be exactly what you are looking for. Budget permitting, a fly-in safari will make the most of your precious time spent in the bush.

However, driving to your destination will give you a chance to see the Tanzanian way of life in the villages and towns along the way.

All about Tanzania Safari in Brief:

Tanzania is one of East Africa’s top-class safari destinations in the World. The wildlife viewing in Tanzania is incomparable to any other East African Safari country.

In this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, the Big cats, Big five, and other Wildlife are easy to see. All the members of the African Big Five animals are evenly distributed in all Tanzanian parks and game reserves.

For instance, in your 3 to 7-Days days Tanzania Wildlife safari, All the big five African Wildlife are present in the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.

Almost 40% of the country is protected and set aside for conservation, this is where we find the Ngorongoro conservation area.

This makes it easy to spend as many days in Tanzania without getting bored. This 3 nights budget camping safari can as well be extended to more than 2 weeks.

Tanzania safari explores the best parks without leaving the bush. Are you planning African trips, and specifically 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari packages, and vacations to Tanzania? Talk to us.

When is the best time to visit Tanzania?

An  East African Tanzania Safari is the best all year round, more so this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari.  The best timing actually depends on your interest and the main focus of your African travel to Tanzania.

A Tanzania safari with the main focus on witnessing the great wildebeest migration, then June to September is the best period to see the migration in the Serengeti National Park.

During this time in your 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, you will have to stay in different areas of the park at different stages of the migration. This is not dependable but dictated by the rains.

Those looking for a more quiet, private, out-of-crowd 4-Days Tanzania Budget camping safari, should make their booking and reservations in the Serengeti away from the wildebeest migration.

The wettest months are March and April, and any safari might be compromised at this time.

3 Nights/4-Days Tanzania Budget Safari Tours Route

The most common question that most travelers ask is when planning on taking a 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari package is; What is the best safari park in Tanzania?

Well, Tanzania is one of the top-rated African Safari countries. It has three safari tour circuits and each one of them, in its own right, would make Tanzania a top wildlife destination.

The most popular Northern circuit with the Tarangire, Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater offers one of the best classical safaris in Africa, especially when timed with the annual wildebeest migration

Generally, in your 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari package, the best safari park in Tanzania that should never miss in your travel bucket list includes; Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Kilimanjaro National Park, Tarangire National Park, and  Lake Manyara National Park respectively.

Other Parks that you may also never want to miss in your top Tanzania Premier National park and game reserve include Tanzania Serengeti NP, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Nyerere, Ruaha, Gombe – Chimpanzee trekking, and finally Katavi –both offering a classic safari.

In this 4-Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari Tour — Classic Tanzania camping safari, the tour starts in Arusha and ends in Arusha.

  • Start: this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari starts from Arusha (Day 1)
  • End: of 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, Arusha (Day 4)

How do I make a budget safari in Tanzania?

Planning an African Safari to Tanzania on a budget can be a little bit tricky, but not anymore. Some of the factors that influence you making a quality budget travel in Tanzania include:

6-Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari - Astonishing Northern Tanzania TourI}. Duration of the Safari?

How long, is your budget Tanzania safari? The longer the trip, the more it cost. In this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, it is very much possible to experience a great Tanzania Safari experience in 3-4days at the very minimum, for instance, our three nights/four days Budget camping safari

The only challenge is that this would restrict your game viewing to only two or three parks with a lot of time on the road instead of enjoying the lodge facilities.

Serengeti National Park is best with at least 2 Nights/3 days Tanzania tour package to help you maximize your stay here.

Ngorongoro crater, on the other hand, one night stay is perfect as the park is smaller as compared to Serengeti National Park.

The other budget determinant factor is the extra activities like the balloon ride, Masai village visit, visiting the local, participating in local community programs among others.

A well-planned Tanzania budget safari holiday that visits all the Northern Tanzania parks; Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire, requires at least 4 to 7 days within a friendly budget bracket.

ii}. The other score factor to enable you to make 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari is joining a small group tour. Normally, in our 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari packages, we join you with our scheduled group departures. This helps keep the cost down.

Taking 4 days/3 Nights Tanzania budget camping safari tour on a self-drive or going on a private Safari Tours makes your travel a little bit expensive.

Budge Tanzania Group Safaris

Group safaris in Tanzania are arguably the most budget-friendly options but with very little flexibility or exclusivity. No worries though, we have compiled the best group safari suited to your interests.

In a 4 days Budget Tanzania Safari, budget with from $190 us dollars to 290 us dollars depending on the size of the group and type of the tour package you are taking.

If shared/group joining safari in Tanzania, then the rate of Budget camping safari package is $190 US-Dollars per person sharing.

Minimum two persons and maximum six or 7 people in a long chase safari land cruiser/Jeep.

This Tanzania budget camping safari price includes all accommodation, meals, getting around, and game drive activities.

The shortcoming of a budget Tanzania safari packages more so on a shared/small group joining tur package is that there is no flexibility.

The interest of the Majority rules in this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, even though our guide does his best to meet each individual’s interest and needs. Get ready to accommodate others’ demands and vise vasa.

Do not be fooled, most Tanzania budget camping safari trips that come at around $130 per day do not include a visit to Serengeti National Park or a night at the Ngorongoro crater.

This can be a major drawback as you should not miss the wild animals in top Northern Tanzania National Park safari circuits — Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti National Parke.

 Tanzania Self-Drive Safaris

Self-drive is one of the cheapest and most affordable ways to explore and discover the top Tanzania National Parks. For this to work out for you, you need to do proper research and plan carefully otherwise, it can be very expensive at the end of it all.

Most people consider it the best option to explore Tanzania on budget as it gives you greater flexibility and the ability to customize the standard of accommodation and activities, Make sure you make the arrangements in advance with the help of an expert. These will help you with the availability issues.

Car hire in Tanzania cost from $70 a day for small cars (including insurance) or $170 if you want to include a driver.

If you are going to camp in the vehicle, too, then expect to add $35 to this for the rooftop tent (you do not want to be camping on the ground here though it is possible with a group!).

Private Tanzania budget Camping Safaris

A private African safari tops the list as one of the best and most flexible African Adventure and Travel options.

It is actually not out of your budget bracket/African Safari price range if you stick to your budget.

If you are traveling in a group of four and above or even more, the cost-share between those traveling hence, it is even much cheaper.

We have a program that allows us to give one person free for every 24 persons paying; the 25Th person pays zero rates.

For every 14 persons paying, the 15% person pays 75% of each person’s rate. We highly recommend this kind of arrangement; it enhances the experiences and makes it more memorable!

If you are in a group with specific interests, then perhaps this is the best option for you. This package guarantees you a guide with expertise in these interests.

It is also the best way to get a guide that speaks your language and at no extra cost.

3) Standard of accommodation: Tanzania budget Camping Safari

A Tanzania budget camping safari is the most inexpensive way to explore and discover Tanzania’s hidden secret destinations.

It is the cheapest way to explore and discover Tanzania National Parks and game reserves. The 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, mostly appeals to nature-lovers, it is the perfect way to explore, staying in dome tents in public or private campsites that have 24-hour security.

These packages are always in groups of 7-10 people or even more per camping site.

In most cases the camping site is always fenced and hosts a big campfire at night; you are unlikely to encounter any wildlife as you stay at these places!

For travelers who are limited by budget constraints but have a live Adventure spirit, this is the package for you.

Tanzania budget camping safari prices normally range from $190 -350 (USD) per day, and include; all transfers, moving around, game drive, and meals that are prepared fresh by your Safari cook.

Tanzania Mid-Range Lodge Safari

Unlike the budget camping safari package in Tanzania {4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari} Mid-Range lodges/Luxury tented camps in Tanzania are all en-suited.

For those who are so eager to stay in a public campsite with shared washrooms, a mid-range lodge is the best Tanzania safari package for you.

All our Tanzania Safari Tour packages offer you a wide variety of mid-Range safari accommodations that range from budget lodges, mid-Range Luxury tented camps to high-end safari accommodation.

Talk to us, share your budget for this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, and we will get back to you with a detailed trip itinerary with lodges ranging from 3-5 stars and catering for all budgets.

Our Tanzania Safari lodges include; small hotels, (2 stars), guesthouses, luxury, and luxury plus-tented camps.

4-Days Tanzania budget lodge safari, famously known as Tanzania mid-range safari lodge guarantees you a great way to have an affordable, classic African safari experience without compromising on quality.

Expect your 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari package to cost between $350 to 1200 us Dollars per Head depending on whether you are for the shared or private safari package on an all-inclusive African trip.

4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari — Mobile Tented Camp Safari Experience.

The Mobile Tented camps Adventure is an upgraded version of an African camping safari.

It consists of a compilation of huge tents offered on a more private touring basis.

The ability of the camps to relocate makes them unique.

What makes these camps unique is that they can easily be relocated to another region depending on the movement of the migrating animals like the Wildebeest.

In this Mobile tented camp package, there is much flexibility as you get to be wherever you want to stay and explore.

The plus advantage in this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari is that, here, the quality of equipment is generally much better at these places. The

When planning for a budget Tanzania mobile Safari package, plan with safari prices from $390 — $1500 per person per night on an all-inclusive safari package.

No worries, you will not assist with cooking and camp set-up on this adventure, this is taken care of by the experts. You travel and explore the world like the royalty you are.

Luxury African Safari

A luxury African safari in Tanzania is the most expensive way to explore Tanzania’s top National parks and game reserves. Unlike taking a 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari package which is quite affordable.

In the same fashion, they offer great value-for-money if you are traveling in larger groups! Private mobile camping Safari packages guarantee you the highest level of comfort with all the amenities included.

Most of these packages use four-star to high-end safari lodges and tented camps located right at the heart of the parks.

Worried about the 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, cost. We have a secret for you; we highly recommend traveling during the low season to get the best rates. In high season, the rates triple. All these accommodations offer you a full-board basis, with all included.

The Luxury Safari plus prices can be a lot higher, with some ranging from $600 — $3500+ per night.

What is the best safari park in Tanzania?

Tanzania is one of Africa’s top safari destinations due to its rich wildlife parks. The Northern Tanzania Safari circuit features wildlife viewing that is out of this world.

The parks like Ngorongoro crater National Park, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park host all the big five, and big cats in plenty.

All members of the Big Five on a good day can easily be seen in Serengeti National Park with Rhino in Ngorongoro crater.

It’s due to the fact that Tanzania has the best National Parks that we recommend up to two weeks of Tanzania safari experience from park to park while rarely leaving the bush.

The top 6 Best Tanzania Safari Parks offering an ultimate Tanzania classic Safari includes; Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ngorongoro crater — One of the best Tanzania Safari parks; Haven for the Big 5 — It’s renowned for delivering the easiest and most reliable Big 5 sightings in East Africa and provides what is arguably the best safari in Tanzania.

Other parks include that can fit perfectly well in our 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari;  Selous Game Reserve, Tarangire National Park, Ruaha National Park, Lake Manyara, and Serengeti National Park.

How do you visit the Serengeti on a budget?

Your travel choice will largely influence the budget of your trip. The best way to travel to Serengeti on a budget is to join in our schedule/daily group departures to Tanzania National Parks and Game Reserve.

We offer a number of small group joining budget safaris to the Serengeti National park that goes camping. Talk to us, we have you covered.

NB: Serengeti National Park is one of Africa’s finest wildlife safari destinations not only in East Africa but the entire African safari countries.

The park boasts 14,763km² of undulating plains and isolated koppies (rocky hills), the Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s oldest, largest, and most renowned national park.

The park is known for hosting an annual migration comprising at least two million wildebeest, plains zebra, and gazelle – the greatest spectacle of its type in Africa – but the immense plains are also home to unusually dense populations of lion, leopard, cheetah, and other predators while being possessed of a liberating sense of space best experienced on an early-morning balloon safari.

In this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, a Serengeti safari trip will be a highlight of a visit to Tanzania.

How much does it cost to go to Serengeti National Park?

On average, a Tanzania Serengeti National Park safari costs $ 200 USD per person per day. Midrange Price: is from $ 350 USD per person per day. Tanzania Luxury Safari Price is $ 600 USD per person per day.
Generally, all African safari costs anywhere between $125 and $1,500 per person per night. A budget safari averages $150 per night, mid-range $350, and luxury $750. The extreme top-safaris can easily go up to $1,500 per night or more!

There is literally a safari to suit every budget, let’sstart with this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari. Talk to us and we will have you sorted with our best Serengeti Safari package ever.

4-Days/3 Nights Tanzania Budget Camping Safari Tour Features

  • Budget tour: This 4 days Tanzania budget camping tour uses pinched/tented camps.
  • Shared tour: On this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari, Serengeti and Ngorongoro shared tour, you will join a group of other travelers. Max 6 people per vehicle.
  • Can start any day: If availability permits, this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari can start on any day.
  • Can be customized: You can request changes to this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari tour.
  • Suitable for single travelers: You can request changes to any of our Wild RAce Africa bobby camping safaris & tours.
  • Minimum age of 2 years: You can request changes to this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari tour.

4-Days affordable Tanzania Budget Camping Safari Tour Activities & Transportation

  • Activities: This 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari is purely game drives focused.
  • Game drives: pop-up roof 4×4 vehicle & pop-up roof minivan
  • Getting around: The 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari used a pop-up roof 4×4 vehicle & pop-up roof minivan
  • transfer from and back to the airport is included in this 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari package.

4-Days discounted Budget Camping Safari in Tanzania, Accommodation & Meals

While on this budget camping safari Tanzania, additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour can be arranged for an extra cost
3 Nights/4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari package uses:
  • 1: Sunbright campsite – Budget tented camp just outside Lake Manyara NP
    All Meals Included
  • 2: Seronera campsite -Budget camping Inside Central Serengeti
All Meals Included
  • 3: Simba campsite – Budget camping Inside Ngorongoro Crater
All Meals Included
  • 4: End of 4-days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari tour
    (No accommodation)
    All Meals Included

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You’ll be picked from the airport. Accommodation before the tour starts can be arranged for an extra cost.

Day 1: Arusha/ Lake Manyara National Park Tour - Wild Race Africa Tanzania Small group Budget Camping Safari

Depart Arusha for Lake Manyara National Park. Arrive at the lodge by lunchtime. Lunch and afternoon game drive follows in this very scenic park with fabulous views over the valley to the lake below.

Lake Manyara National Park is small, beautiful and richly diverse; its manageable size makes it possible to see virtually every highlight in a day, from its pods of hippos wallowing in the lake alongside the pink fluttering of a million flamingos, to its rich wildlife and perhaps some of the park’s famous tree-lounging lions.

Overnight at Lake Manyara Budget camping safari accommodation. Upgrade to Mid-range lodges/ tented camps are available at an extra cost.

Main Destination

  • Lake Manyara National Park


  • No accommodation

Meals & Drinks

  • Lunch & dinner (Breakfast not included)
  • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

    Day 2: Lake Manyara – Ngorongoro Crater Safari Tour / Tanzania Small group Budget Camping Safari

    After breakfast, we’re off on the next leg of our journey with an en-route game drive to Ngorongoro crater, the eighth wonder of the natural world.
    • Along the way, we drive through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area with lunch en-route a region created to accommodate the grazing needs of the Masai people and a unique test of the idea that humans leading a pastoral lifestyle can coexist with wildlife.
    • We arrive at Ngorongoro by evening from around 16:00 hrs at the camp, situated on the rim of the crater. Check into your camp and enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere of the park.
      • This magnificent natural amphitheater contains the largest concentration of animals in all of Africa. Pride of lion, black rhino, and elephant share this land with the legendary Masai tribesmen.
      • Overnight at Ngorongoro samba campsite. Upgrade available at an extra cost (Mid-range Lodges/ Luxury tented lodges/camps Meal Plan {Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner}.

    Main Destination

    • Ngorongoro Crater


        • No accommodation

    Meals & Drinks

    • All meals included
    • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

      Day 3: Ngorongoro Crater – Serengeti National Park Tours / Tanzania Small group Budget Camping Safari

      Game is easily spotted and can be approached quite closely.
      • We spend a splendid morning on the floor of the crater observing wildlife in this ageless World Heritage Site and later exiting to Serengeti National Park.
        • En route, we stop at Olduvai Gorge, the “cradle of mankind,” where the Leakey family uncovered the fossil of Homo habilis, who lived 1.75 million years ago.
        • Arriving at our lodge/ camp in time for lunch, we find ourselves deep in the heart of this famous migration corridor.
        • A large pride of lions lazes in the long grasses, plentiful families of elephants feed on acacia bark and trumpet to each other across the plains, while giraffes, gazelles, monkeys, eland, and the whole range of African wildlife present themselves in awe-inspiring numbers.
        • Overnight at Serengeti Seronera campsite. Possible upgrade available.
          With its wide-open spaces, bright blue skies, and creature-filled landscape in the afternoon, we will discover why the fabled Serengeti typifies the dream of “Old Africa.”

      Main Destination

      • Serengeti National Park


      • No accommodation

      Meals & Drinks

      • All meals included
      • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

        Day 4: Serengeti – Drive back to Arusha / End of Tanzania Small group Budget Camping Safari

        After a leisurely buffet breakfast, (Option 1: Flying back to Arusha 1 Hour) or (Option 2: Depart for Arusha by road), this morning with a game drive and lunches en-route arriving in Arusha by late evening where the safari ends with airport drop off.


        • No accommodation (End of tour)

        Meals & Drinks

        • Breakfast & lunch (Dinner not included)
        • Drinking water (Other drinks not included)

          End of tour

        • Additional accommodation can be arranged for an extra cost.
        • You’ll be dropped off at the airport
          • Interested in This Tour?/

            Important to Know

            • This tour is not available to solo travelers.
            • Rates are per person and exclude the international flight from/to your home country.
            • This tour accepts children who are 1 year and older. Children under 3 are free.

            Rates Per Person

            Park fees (For non-residents)
            All activities (Unless labeled as optional)
            All accommodation (Unless listed as upgrade)
            A professional driver/guide
            All transportation (Unless labeled as optional)
            All Taxes/VAT
            Roundtrip airport transfer
            Meals (As specified in the day-by-day section)
            Drinks (As specified in the day-by-day section)
            NOT INCLUDED
            International flights (From/to home)
            Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour
            Tips (Tipping guideline US$10.00 pp per day)
            Personal items (Souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
            Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees

            Interested in This Tour?

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            • This tour starts and ends in Nairobi
            • This operator can book your international flights
            • Fly to/from Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO – Check price) in Nairobi
            • A transfer from and back to the airport is included
            • Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour can be arranged for an extra cost
            4-Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari Tour