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Destination- East Africa Safari Tour

 Wild Race Africa Safaris has been leading in creating tailor made African Safaris in east African Safari destination; Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar.

All our African Safari packages range from all Inclusive budget camping tours and Safari packages, Luxury Safari Packages, Wildlife and beach Holiday adventures, Great Migration Safari packages in Kenya Masai Mara and Serengeti National park.

Wild Race Africa Safari tours and Holiday destination experiences offers an authentic African travel and adventure filled with once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list safari experiences like you ever imagine.

Connect with one of wild race Africa Holiday destination Travel expert for a free travel advice on trekking into the secret emerald world of the Rain forests to meet eye to eye with the gorillas, Rise above Africa's vast plains for a truly classic experience, making the most of spectacular vistas & the early morning light on a hot-air balloon flights over the vast herds of the Great Migration in Masai Mara and Serengeti National park and game reserves.

Wild race Africa Safari Tours and Holiday adventure do not only stop there but go into greater length to spice up your ideal dream Kenya and Tanzania Safari Tours and holidays by providing excellent, valuable safari experience on your Wildlife and bush holiday adventures that includes expertly guided walking Safari on the wild door of Africa hence greater opportunity to experience Africa with all senses.

Wild race Africa Holiday destination also offers authentic African Photographic Safari in a custom built 4 x 4 off road Safari jeep giving you a winning shot while in the parks.

We also offer Mobile Luxury Safaris packages that allows you to experience Africa sleeping under the canvas having your adventure wrapped in timeless African camping / luxury travel holidays

Wild race Africa Safari Tour do not only offer Road safaris but also Fly-In Safari that are conveniently tailor made enabling you to fly high over Africa’s dramatic landscapes and make the most of every destination in Kenya and Tanzania.

Our ocean beach Holiday destination adventures, are one of the best Kenya and Tanzania Safari packages offering you one of the best coastal beach holidays adventure that are all inclusive. As you soak yourself up in the white sandy tropical beaches, you also get to enjoy fine wines and superb stays like a royalty.

Wild race Africa Safari Tours and Holidays adventure company to have schedule Africa Diving Holiday in Superb diving conditions in top locations, swarming with reefs, private islands & luxury both in Kenya and Tanzania Zanzibar.

Wild race Africa Holiday destination tour to Uganda/ Rwanda on a Gorilla Trekking safari experience departs each and every Friday of the second week of the month exploring the Africa’s emerald rain forests to discover Gorillas and other rare primates.

Wild Race Africa Golf Safaris and Holiday adventure in Kenya’s dramatic settings & innovative courses designed by legendary players and stay in luxury safari lodges and hotels with us. Get in touch for an expert advice on this.

Wild Race African safari adventure packages and holiday tours in Africa Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar come in all shapes and sizes, from family-friendly safari packages to top-rated Wildlife tours & safari experiences; Big 5 safaris, Wildebeest Migration safaris, Affordable Kenya and Tanzania safari packages, East Africa family holidays and safari, Honeymooners to African beach holidays adventure.., we sure do have something for you and Your Family.

Choose to travel with wild race Africa Safari tour and Holidays Adventure Company to all your adventurous safari destinations, choose Excellent Value for money.  All Inclusive Safari package, customized Africa Safari experience, free expert Safari Advice,  24/7 On-Holiday Support, 100% Service Rating, Excellent, talented, knowledgeable and experience top private Travel Guides making you travel holiday and adventure a true testimony of personal touch African Safari excellence.

We are ever here, talk to Wild Race Africa Travel expert today.

East African Safari Tours and Travel Adventures

East Africa is a dream safari tour destination for each and every traveler? What would be your ideal adventure and travel story be like? Start planning your   authentic African safari tour visiting east Africa Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar Holidays adventures with us today.

 Wild race Africa Safari packages and tours range from bucket-list adventures , budget African safaris, Budget camping safari tours, mid range lodges /   Luxury tented camp tours and safaris to ultra-luxurious vacations  in premier National parks and game reserves, private wildlife conservancies with   highly decorated Wildlife safari lodges centrally located giving you the best view of African Wildlife Safari Adventure.

 Some of our African Safari packages varies from Family-friendly vacations, Romantic honeymoon packages, thrilling African safaris and affordable   holidays in Kenya, Tanzania , Uganda and Zanzibar.

 Let’s go Adventure Kenya Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Samaburu to Tanzania northern Tanzania Safari Tour Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater,   Lake Manyara, Tarangire to Rwaha national park. All our East African Safari itineraries are fully flexible and can be changed to suit your kind interest   and specifications anytime.

Are you Interested in a more tailor made private safari tour? Get in touch with an Africa Safari Expert to plan a tailor-made tour around your interests, wishes and budget.

Wildlife Safari Destinations Kenya - Tanzania - Zanzibar and Uganda Safari Tour

East African Kenyan safaris rekindle the imagination associated with thrilling wildlife adventures. When you think of a Kenyan safari, you no doubt picture roaring African lions, herds of elephants, wildebeests and zebras thundering across vast sweeping savannas, and the joy of basking in Africa's long sunshine and wilderness.

Book your African Tanzania safari trip to northern Tanzania safari tour that covers Tanzania premier National game parks and reserves like the Tanzania Serengeti safari, Serengeti tours, Ngorongoro crater tours, Tarangire adventure, the wildebeest migration to trekking Kilimanjaro evoke ancient memory and instill awe

Kenya Parks & Reserves

Whichever park or conservancy you decide to visit you can normally guarantee that you will see the more common grazing animals; such as buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, eland, giraffe, gazelles, impala and waterbuck

Tanzania parks & Reserves

Tanzania's National Parks leads with the highest concentrations of African wildlife on the planet where millions of animals roam an eternal grassland.

Uganda Parks & Reserves

Uganda gorilla trekking safaris and chimpanzee tracking tours are the prime attractions for a Uganda safari and dominantly make up most of our Uganda safari packages.